Thorsten Knaub

The Doors!!! video still

The Doors!!! video still

The Doors!!! video still

The Doors!!! video still

The Doors!!! (2007)
Single-channel video projection or monitor
DVD PAL 16:9 stereo, 1:45 min
loop play back or screening format
QuickTime Master.

The Doors!!!, based on horror film sets where doors open and close, set off all our acquired cinematic reflexes, and reanimate our repressed memories. He plunges us into that disturbing, visceral darkness, presses us down into the deep womb of a cinema seat, and makes us cringe ecstatically in anticipation of the familiar primal fear.

Knaub examines the concept of uncertainty, investigating the conventions and contradictions of modern art, playing with them this way and that, before putting them together again and looking at them from a new angle.

The accelerating montage raises the viewer to a new level of anticipation, anxiety and uncertainty, leaving no time for him to assimilate the events on the screen before they have move on into the next scene and a different cinematic memory.

His stylish edited video is, however, not so much a demonstration of technical virtuosity as an examination of intellect beyond the limitations of method, of the role of intellect for the artist who today is only too aware that art can be made out of anything and by any means.

Thorsten Knaub selects the keys to what art is, or possibly to our memories of art, to what it can be, or is and will be.

(extracts from catalogue
Rozamira Festival Moscow 2007)

Exhibition/screening history:

21 May – 9 July 2011
Oriel Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno, Wales

Cheeky. Cool. Bold. UK video art selection
14 - 25 September 2007
Film, Art & Performance Festival
Moscow, Russia