Thorsten Knaub

GPS Walks (Victoria Park) exhibition view
Scale and Place, Mile End Art Pavilion, London.

GPS Walks (Victoria Park) exhibition view
Phase Space, Brunswick Gallery, London.

GPS Walks (Victoria Park) video still

GPS Walks (Victoria Park) video doucumentation
Phase Space Brunswick Gallery, London.

GPS Walks (Victoria Park) (2007)
Data animation, DVD and digital prints
Data projection on floor, dimension variable; 14 digital prints, 21 x 29 cm
Flash file, 8:55 min, DVD 60:00 min; loop

GPS Walks (Victoria Park) creates a data animation by collating latitude and longitude coordinates via GPS technology. Using a portable GPS receiver, Knaub recorded a daily walk in his local park, for the duration of the exhibition to gradually build up first the structure and then the shape of the park itself.

Walking hence and forth while mimicking the 'gesture' of a pen, and in this manner filling in areas of the emerging shape, he creates a kind of 'personal' park which extends itself step by step.

Exhibition history:

Tower Hamlets Spring Open
30 March - 7 April, 2012
Mile End Art Pavilion, London

12 - 25 Oct 2007
The Brunswick Gallery, London